I Went From Neglectful, Smart Phone Addicted Parent & Husband To Being Present In My Family's Life Again...

Take The 30-Day Flip Phone Challenge And Change Your Life

From: Troy Thompson

Founder of the 30-Day Flip Phone Challenge, Insurance Agency Owner, Present Dad, Husband, and Son.


Let Me Tell You A Story...
It's about a normal guy who loved the convenience of his smart phone.

A few hours of casual scrolling during the week after work to relax. Some more time on the weekends. A few more hours during break, meals, and during commercials of television.

It was socially acceptable, he had the time.

It was just part of his routine. 

The years passed.

Over time, his posture suffered fought headaches and neck aches.

He couldn't keep focus.

He wasn’t sleeping well and always felt tired, sluggish, and foggy.

He realized his kids were almost school age. His relationships were ok but not amazing. 

He was merely existing. Not thriving. Wasting time not being present.

With his aging parents.

With his beautiful wife.

With his adorable kids that just wanted his attention.

The man in the story:

This was me.

But, in early 2019, I had a realization.

What if I went against the grain and became present in my family's lives again?

What if I ditched the addictive devices that took the time away from playing legos and taking trips?

What if I found an alternative to scrolling mindlessly & use technology more efficiently?

Why don't I stand for what I believe in and help many people just like myself.

Help them Stop From Losing Years Of Time you can never get back with those you care about...

...instead of trading it for another scroll on your addictive smartphone.

Hi, I am Troy Thompson...and if you can relate...keep reading.

"They haven't used it," Jobs told Bilton. "We limit how much technology our kids use at home." Every night, the family had a phone-free dinner together, according to Walter Isaacson, author of the definitive biography Steve Jobs. "The kids did not seem addicted at all to devices."

Steve Jobs, Former CEO of Apple

Apple founder Steve Jobs didn't let his kids use the iPad, or really any product their dad invented (The New York Times).
"To further rid himself of the addiction that comes with cellphones, his handset of choice is one of the old Nokia flip phones, with no internet or email capability."

Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Financier Warren Buffett does have a cellphone, but he often leaves it at home and tries to use it as little as possible. To further rid himself of the addiction that comes with cellphones, his handset of choice is one of the old Nokia flip phones, with no internet or email capability.
 According to Buffett, he never throws anything away until he has worn it out–usually after 20 or 25 years of use–which means that even his cellphone has a few years left in it yet! Of course, it’s easy for Buffett to reject cellphones, since he’s such an influential figure that people will go out of their way to find him.
"Tyra Banks seems like a thoroughly modern woman. Yet for many years, she refused to own a cellphone."

Tyra Banks, Super Model & TV Personality

Supermodel-turned-TV-presenter Tyra Banks seems like a thoroughly modern woman. Yet for many years, she refused to own a cellphone. In recent years, she has finally taken the plunge, but she still has strict rules about what she can and can’t access on her mobile phone.
For example, while Tyra is happy to receive and send the occasional text and even check her social media from time to time, she refuses to use her cellphone to read and reply to emails, as she says she knows she would end up checking incoming mail every few minutes, leaving no time for herself or her family.
Take a minute and think about it...
 How much time each day do you spend looking at your phone's screen?

 I'm sure it's substantial.

And before I start writing about everyone else who is addicted to their smart phone, I must make a confession. I was addicted as well. I constantly interacted with my phone for most of the day. Yes, much of it was business related, but much was not related to business. Sometimes I'd even wake up in the middle of the night and check for updates, emails, etc. Can you relate?

Adults have grown more concerned about the amount of time their children are spending on a smart phone. But, as adults, we can't say much, because we are addicted as well and they are watching us. In fact, 40% of teenagers have the same concern for their parents.
How can we be hypocritical to tell children not to spend as much time on their phones, when they see us spending just as much or even more time on our phones?
I wonder how many special moments we miss with our kids because we are glued to our screens. One day we are going to look up from our phones and our kids will be grown and gone. And we will regret looking at a screen more than our kid's face.
30 Day Flip Phone Challenge Was Born...
After my success, my friends started asking me how I felt so refreshed.

So I decided I had to create a more formal 30-day challenge.

So that’s what I did. I put everything I learned about breaking habits, staying self-disciplined, being present, being more productive, and staying the course for 30 days into one system.

One system to help people break their reliance on their smart phone.

One system that stays with you all along the 30 days.

I call that system, the “30-Day Flip Phone Challenge”.
The 30-Day Flip Phone Challenge
  • Premium Facebook Group​- Get Support From Others Just Like You!
  • How To Set Up Your Challenge - Pick The Right Phone And Set Up
  • 30-Days of Helpful Videos​- Daily Videos that will coach you through!
  • How To Replace Smartphone Features​- Music, Podcasts, Maps, Social, Etc.
  • How to Use Technology - How to use your technology wisely
  • And So Much More...

What You Will Learn

  • “Life Without A Smart Phone”: You’re going to hear from many people who have successfully completed their 30-day challenge and the positive benefits that happened in their lives.
  • ​​How to prepare for quitting for 30 days. From how to ensure your smartphone is not within arms distance from you, to powerful things you can say to yourself to stop yourself from reaching for it – getting ready to stop is incredibly important and ensures you see this through to the end successfully.
  • ​How to get an accountability partner – someone to help you along the way and keep you motivated.
  • ​What to say when people ask, "Are you actually using a flip phone?"
  • ​How to stay off your phone for longer than 30 days if you feel like its necessary!
  • ​What to do with your long Saturday's and Sunday's without scrolling mindlessly.
  • ​How to replace maps, camera, social, and music!
  • ​And So Much More...
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